Business Startup London – 17 November 2011

Business Start Up was an inspiring set of two hundred and thirty two seminars, eight workshops and several exhibitions. Organising my time and selecting which workshops would be most beneficial was paramount as I learned from attending the event last year. I went to see and listen to one of the United Kingdom’s most successful and publicly admired entrepreneurs, James Caan. The Dragon’s Den star, and likeable businessman was an incredible speaker and I took the opportunity to ask him a question after he let us in on some of his business secrets. I asked James, What motivates you? As suspected, James gave an incredible answer: I just love the adrenalin of business. I love working with people doing deals and working on new and innovative ideas. I really enjoy sitting back with my team and brainstorming ideas on how we can do things better or how we can improve our offering. After a great start to the day, Will King was my next stop where he was to educate me inUsing Social Media from a Company and Brand Perspective. Will King was made redundant from his role in an advertising company seventeen years ago and now leads the UK’s second largest shaving company, King of Shaves. His success story is one of those that motivate you to push for more, no matter who tries to stop you. We first watched King’s new television advert where he plays the main character and lampoons rival, Gillette in a parody of Oscar winning The King’s Speech. The humorous advert cleverly attains elements of his personal ordeal and history, both of which created an enjoyable atmosphere in the room. King left me in awe with his last words What’s next who knows? Expect the unexpected. To be inspired to go and achieve your dreams, I truly recommend this event to everybody.

To avoid disappointment if you wish to attend Business Start Up next year, I advice you to book in advance as the events operate on a first come first served basis.